Raphaël Kolly


A light in the forest

The little rabbit is out on the field all alone looking for food but also finding flowers and insects. After chasing a particularly interesting bumblebee, he finds himself deep in the forest. 
Then all of a sudden the sun disappears and takes all the light with her. Now the bunny is trapped in the dark in an unknown forest. But the sun didn’t take all the light with her. She forgot a little bit of light in the middle of the forest. Not much, but just enough for a little rabbit to find his way in the dark. Though he soon finds out that there are others who could also do with some light…

„A piece of light left behind by the sun may seem whimsical to us. But just as whimsical is how hope, courage, and confidence find their place within us. Raphaël Kolly brings us a little closer to this miracle in his sensitive first picture book, A Light in the Forest.“

Daniel Fehr