Maeva Rubli

When the storm drives away the smell of chocolate

How do you grow up with the sound of the storm in your head? How do you keep smiling when void sets in and spreads throughout life?

When the storm drives away the smell of chocolate is the story of two children from different families. At one child’s home, the storm sometimes blows too hard, while at the other’s one, the void takes over all the space. The two children are anything but identical, yet they both carry a secret box with them. Will they dare to share it?

This book is an invitation to reflect on the theme of depression, to dare to talk about it and to encourage the desire to build and dream together.

“Maeva treats a difficult subject with great sensitivity. Her drawings surprise me every time I discover them. She manages to mix several techniques by creating matter and her compositions are very interesting. I am delighted to be able to follow the evolution of this beautiful project.”

Adrienne Barman