Thomas Grand

The old man who flattened children

The old man who flattened children is the story about an encounter between two people that everything seems to oppose. On one side there is the little girl. On the other side, there is the old man. This is also the story about the meeting of two visions of the world completely different. The little girl is happy. She wants to discover everything. She wants to meet people and thinks the world is a great place to play. The old man, is afraid about everything. He perceives danger everywhere. The old man wants to protect children from the world. So he develops a strange scheme. He kidnaps children and then flattens them with his press. Then he keeps the children warm in the back of his house. The little girl will try to convince him to stop that. She will try to open his eyes to this world. Will she succeed?

“I was immediately seduced by Thomas’ world. I find soft and at the same time squeaky atmospheres that remind me of the stories of Roald Dahl & Quentin Blake. His drawings are all made with finesse and a freedom in the line that moves me a lot. Happy to follow the progress of this beautiful story.”

Adrienne Barman