Sabine Rufener

Em and the big shaggy dog who didn’t want to live anymore  (working title)

„I am so tired.” said the shaggy dog that Em had met at the edge of the big flower meadow, “The best thing would be to die, I guess.“

“But why?” asked Em, startled. 

What makes life beautiful? How do you convince someone of the meaning of life and what is that supposed to be anyway? The conversations between the short-sighted but wide-hearted Em and the grouchy but actually love-seeking dog are about the meaning of life, about friendship and of course about strawberry ice cream. And the realization that one can change perspective and look at the world through different  glasses might actually help a lot.

“It’s very hard to describe in one sentence everything that makes working with my mentorees, Wanda Dufner and Sabine Rufener, who proceed very differently so exciting!”

Vera Eggermann